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Support Agreement

Customers who have a valid Support and Maintenance Agreement, and who have paid the relevant fees, are entitled to receive support in terms of this document.


Please note that it is JAYBEE’s policy not to provide licenses to use any of its systems without a valid Support and Maintenance Agreements.


Users should contact us only after being in touch with the local partner, ISM and / or SmartButler® champion to ensure that the problem is not one which concerns infrastructure at the hotel.

Support Days and Times:

Support is offered from Sunday to Thursday, from 9:00 to 17:00. Please note that all times given are GMT+2 

During the Northern Hemisphere Winter, and GMT+3 during the Northern Hemisphere Summer. 

Support will not be available on national holidays:

Support Procedure

Support will be provided to customers based on the type of support contract signed. Replies to email or phone call support requests, will be available only to local champion and its shadows nominated ...



It is usual for JAYBEE to release two upgrade versions annually. These versions contain many new features and bug fixes. The following information will provide guidelines to JAYBEE’s upgrade process a...


Development Policy

JAYBEE’s policy regarding customer-requested developments is as follows:
In the event that a customer requests a specific development, JAYBEE will evaluate it to determine whether the development requ...


Technical Specifications

Workstation Minimum Specifications:

All workstations earmarked to run the system should have the following minimum specifications:
Intel® Core™ i5 CPU.
250 GB local hard disk free space.

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