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Manage, monitor, handle, escalate, follow up, report and analyze all guests related tasks in real time. 

This is a conceptual breakthrough in the management and monitoring of guest service.

Enables service providers to improve guest service, to work smarter and more efficiently. Also provides management with tools and statistics to measure the quality of service delivered


– Lightweight LogBook


– A cloud based hub to manage all GSC (Guest Service Centre)

   and Internal JO’s (Job Orders) tasks  

– Rules Driven Alert platform – Verifying every guest task is

   delivered, escalated and handled flawlessly  


– Business Intelligence – Monitor and provide Managerial     

   Business Processes for smart decision making


– Local onPremise install is not required, up and running in couple

   of days with full functionality, free trial is available 

– Records and tracks service requests made by guests

– Automatically allocates assignments to members of staff

Tracks service requests to completion – requests cannot be lost

    or forgotten

– Constantly synchronises information provided to staff on 

   handheld devices

– Escalates overdue service requests in real time

– Provides statistics of all service requests opened


Maximises guest satisfaction by improving service quality

Improves staff communications and increases efficiency

System constantly reminds users of service requests not yet delivered

Allows for improvements to be made in future service based on learning lessons from historical information

Provides a platform for delivery of common service standard across a number of hotels





Duty Manager



“What matters is that time and attention has been paid to the details beyond what’s strictly necessary to keep you warm and dry”

John Speranza, Tablet web magazine editor-in-chief