HouseKeeping Software


A SmartButler module for prioritizing rooms to be made up, and for communicating statuses of rooms to all relevant hotel mangers and employees.

Improves dramatically HouseKeeping Work Processes and Procedures, Increase efficiency and decrease Operational costs


Provides a prioritised list of rooms to be made up

Allows for dynamic assignment of rooms to employees

Real-time synchronisation with PMS to reflect current status of room occupation and cleanliness

Keeps track of rooms that still need to be made up at all times


Efficiency Boost platform


Maximize HK Workforce utilization and reduce operational costs due to smart workload allocation and procedures prioritization


Guest Experience revamp – Increase Guest satisfaction and hotel ranking due to operations uplift


Revolutionize HK Work Processes – Improve dramatically internal work processes whilst leveraging PMS traces and PMS special requests

Real Time managerial visibility – Provide real time ‘house status’ to GM and mid-level managers, allow agile decision making based on changed circumstances

Quicker return of vacant rooms for sale.


Ensures that rooms are made up according to the

hotels priority.

Enables more efficient communication between

front office and housekeeping departments.

Reduces housekeeping manpower requirement





Duty Manager



“What matters is that time and attention has been paid to the details beyond what’s strictly necessary to keep you warm and dry”

John Speranza, Tablet web magazine editor-in-chief