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SmartButler FAQ

  • What are the major differences between Mezzo and Full Service version? What is usually the lead time for each version?
    Mezzo LogBook has all the functionality and features of Full Service LogBook but without interface to a PMS. Mezzo is also a running a tenant on public cloud. Lead time for Mezzo is usually around 5 days for onboarding, Full Service has dependency on servers availability and configuration, PMS connection, paperwork and more, onboarding is roughly around 6 weeks
  • Is PMS interface mandatory when using Full service?
    For the LogBook module it is nice to have, for the HouseKeeping and Minibar modules it is mandatory
  • What protocol type SmartButler's PMS interface is based on?
    Usually we use FIAS protocol, TCP/IP based, event driven. We are open to development and integration to 3rd party API’s
  • Is SmartButler cloud based solution? Is it web-based one?
    All SmartButler modules including Mezzo can be cloud based. For Full Service modules, we can either work in public cloud with dedicated server per resort or on Premise. SmartButler does require install on desktops
  • What is required to migrate from Mezzo version to Full Service LogBook module and how long does it usually take?
    All data will be retained as is, it will take JAYBEE half day maximum to do the migration
  • Are tasks to runners SMS based?
    No. all messages are being sent as push notifications to SmartButler native on smartphones
  • Is it possible to run SmartButler for a trial period?
    Yes, we offer 30 days trial for Mezzo LogBook subject to an agreed Mezzo Action plan
  • Are your mobile apps native or hybrid written?
    SmartButler is a full native on Android and iOs
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